Job Opportunities at ATRC


ATRC is a not-for-profit organization that provides Assistive Technology solutions for persons with disabilities. ATRC is the contractor for Hawaii’s Federal Assistive Technology Act (Tech Act) and one of two organizations providing rehabilitation services for the Department of Human Service/Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.​

ATRC is located in Honolulu and Hawaii’s only Assistive Technology resource center providing demonstration, assessments, training, equipment loan, and exchange of assistive technology. Staff conducts outreach activities, provides grant and non-grant services and support throughout the state for people of all ages. ATRC staff are innovative and always creating new outreach opportunities and activities in order to expand awareness and knowledge of assistive technology and enhance the quality of life for individuals with differing abilities.​

As ATRC continues to provide top Quality Programs and Services across our State, we are seeking employees committed to working with Persons with Disabilities. Positions may be adjusted to meet our needs and yours, apply and see what happens! We look forward to hearing from you.

Please send a Cover Letter and a Resume to Monty at monty@atrc.org.