Device Lending

Borrow Assistive Technology Equipment From Us!

ATRC initiated the Device Loan program in 1998 to allow individuals with disabilities, families, employers, and educators to “try-out” Assistive Technology devices prior to acquisition. This is the only program in the State of Hawaii that allows individuals to try and borrow Assistive Technology products free of charge.

Also, the program is:

  • to assist you in decision-making;
  • to provide a short-term accommodation while you are waiting for repairs;

You can borrow up to three devices for a maximum of six weeks to try out at home, school, hospital, or work. ATRC staff provides one-on-one training and offers free additional technical support and consultation when you are considering the device acquisition.​

Requests for a Device Loan is accepted in the order they are received. The devices listed below represent only a sample of the equipment inventory in ATRC’s lending library. If a request is made for a device, which is currently unavailable, you may choose to be placed on a waiting list for notification once the device becomes available for loan. Interested borrowers must submit all required documentation before they can be added to the waiting list.

ATRC is constantly updating devices for loan with the latest in Assistive Technology.​

To reserve an Assistive Technology device from our lending library, please contact Monty at (808) 532-7111 or