Rehabilitation Technology

ATRC Hawaii is ready to provide Rehabilitation Technology Services (RTS) to Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) consumers statewide. ATRC will meet and provide the Scope of Services which include: Individual Assessment, Consultation and Planning, Provision of Services, Devices, Training, and Maintenance for the Individual with a Disability, and Employers or Other Individuals who provide Services to, Employ and/or involved in the Major Functions of the Individual with a Disability. 

The goal of these services for VR consumers is to:

  • Increase, maintain and/or improve the Functional Capabilities of Individuals with Disabilities
  • Determine their VR needs and to help prepare, secure, retain or regain their employment. 

ATRC will work with Individuals referred by their Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors. These persons may have Disabilities including Cognitive, Physical, and Mental Impairments. and Persons who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Blind and Deaf/Blind.​

Please contact Monty at (808) 532-7111 or for detailed information.